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It was also revealed 14 per cent of women in a relationship can't face sleeping with their partner unless they had a couple of glasses of wine beforehand.

Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, which carried out the study, said the results showed how women are severely lacking in confidence.

One in five would consider pawning their valuable items to raise much needed cash, and the majority would even dump their boyfriend or husband in exchange for £700,000.

CEO Paul Aitken said: 'The list certainly threw up some surprises with boyfriends featuring below photos and mobile phones.'It's understandable why mums come out top though - they are there to lend an ear, offer support and a best friend to many girls.'Photos hold fun and significant memories which could be devastating to lose and a mobile phone keeps women connected and it's always by their side.

Most men keep their eyes glued to the screen and it's highly likely he'll do the same even if you're there with him.'I was also taken aback by how aroused he got,' said one woman after trying it.

'But she won’t know anything about his genetic background or if he’s been screened for HIV.But while such donations are traditionally carried out artificially, a rising number of women are opting to do so naturally, by having sex with their donors, because it is believed to be more three times more effective than artificial insemination.Concern has also been raised over the safety of such sites, which are not regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority because, as a study by Helen Croydon for The Mirror has revealed, all communication is considered to be private between two consenting adults.Millions of women drink alcohol before having sex because they lack confidence in their bodies, a study has found.Almost half of those questioned said they preferred sex while under the influence of alcohol because it helped them to lose their inhibitions and be more adventurous.

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