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10 Insights to Create […] Creating awesome brand names is not a science.

Yet naming firms spout ridiculous jargon about “verbal identity engineering,“ “rigorous methodologies,” “computational linguistics,” and “scientific scrutiny applied to the unstructured and undisciplined process of brand name creation.” Others try to invent names using math.

They take a completely fine word, crunch it with another word, and get a name […] Actions speak louder than a used car salesman’s suit.

While your business should certainly be trustworthy and credible, trying to cram any form of those words into your brand name can sound disingenuous.

Veeno asked us to create […] We have been busy cooking up names for everything from caveman food to church software to consumer electronics.

My 1999 visit to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany was hands-down the most sobering experience of my life and one of the most unforgettable travel experiences I’ve ever had. Me has a beautifully clean design and they make it so simple, […] Oh dear God!If you value your business name and logo as integral marketing tools, registering your business as trademark is the […] A few months ago we got a call from entrepreneur Veeno Suchdeve of West Babylon, New York.He was opening a self-serve frozen yogurt store at the mall and wanted a more provocative name than Spoon Me, which is quite possibly the best name ever created by Eat My Words.2015 City Innovation Summit: Changing the World One City at a Time Innovation is happening right under our feet!The definitive conference on Smart City 2.0, June 17/18 here in San Francisco.

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