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At least a third of the war happened in the Pacific (guesstimate). Russia (USSR) lost 23 million- way more than any other participant in the war. A horrible, horrible choice, but the best bad choice was made."Fuehrer, we are on the march! In addition, millions of Blacks were killed by barbaric white people living in a country they claim is found on Christian principles. Victorious Italian troops crossed the Greco-Albanian frontier at dawn today! Jews didn't do anything, Germans were upset because Jews made more money than them. People go on and on about the annihilation of Jews by the Germans. White people have a history of being war - like and invasive.

I'm not crazy about Stalin but the Soviet peoples and soldiers are certainly unsung heroes of that war. The constant wailing over soviet casualties and there victim status forgets the fact that they started the war in the first place.

You cant forget that the German army was way over extended fighting on all fronts, that was not just Russians.

Come on man if your going to comment try say something a little more intelligent, instead of " Russia did EVERYTHING" yea and won the war all by them selves huh?

" October 28th, 1940 "Fascism accepts the individual only insofar as his interests coincide with the state's." "The Mediterranean will be turned into an Italian lake." "War alone can carry to the maximum tension all human energies and imprint with the seal of nobility those people who have the courage to confront it; Every other test is a mere substitute." - 1930 "I've had my fill of Hitler. For five hours I am forced to listen to a monologue which is quite fruitless and boring" - To his son-in-law on June 10th, 1941 ....... Jews didn\'t do anything, Germans were upset because Jews made more money than them. The Germans aren't heartless, they're just power hungry. More than 5 millions Black people were killed during the Trans - Atlantic Slave Trade. Black people\\'s heritage was altered and denied them.

These conferences called by the ringing of a bell are not to my liking. The Germans aren\'t heartless, they\'re just power hungry. Even more innocent Black people were lynched by white men and women in America after the abolishing of slavery? We cannot believe anything that white people say since they lied and deceived the Indians. url= | | | | | | nice info wideee like this map, i like history about world war prevent automated Bots form spamming, please enter the text you see in the image below in the appropriate input box.

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  1. In defense of the Jesuits, yes they were nasty do-me self-important fuckers, but they usually reserved a larger time to spend with me and most of them were 2xers. Once in Key West, I stayed at the same guest house as a group who had been in the seminary together. No, but many guys I know have had sex with men who were on the road to being a priest and turned away. Then, one day we made plans to go to a museum to see an exhibit that he was interested in. I just do not know why priests are always tempted on me.