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Buxton's Apartment, Lacey Towers, Coventry, Gotham City Batman enters the apartment and beside signs of a struggle there is no one here, but Bruce sees something behind the overturn sofa that caused Bruce too asks, "Oracle, where is Batgirl location? I'm going to be looking for evidence." Bruce doesn't give Oracle time to response before terminating the link and start searching the room for any evidence.

" "Batgirl is safe and sound," voices Oracle, before adding, "She is standing right in front of me. A short time later Batwoman arrives to find Batman still in the apartment.

The story comes from two places, one is the fact that I had a strong negative opinion of the Batman: Arkham Knight game and wanting to do a solid Batman's story.

The second is from another Batman's story entitled, Last, I'm currently without an editor, so the grammar is going to be rough.

However, shortly thereafter Robin aka Tim Drake told Bruce that he is leaving Gotham and would be taking the name Red Robin.

Tim didn't know where he would settle but knew it was time to leave.

Meanwhile Batman is starting the search for any evidence or information on the mystery Arkham Knight individual.

Hyperion Island, Titan Islands, Atlantic Ocean Several hours later and 70 miles south of Gotham City are the Titan Islands, a chain of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Bruce reluctantly agreed but after the Arkham Asylum Incident and Arkham City Incident, he had come to depend greatly on Mary. " Bruce asks, as he maneuvers the Batwing threw the night sky above Gotham.One of the Islands is named Hyperion, named for the Greek God.Batman gently lands the Batwing on the northern peninsula.Nyssa is nervous while Talia can't think of anything else but Bruce's massive cock inside of her pussy.As Bruce steps through the doorway, Talia asks, "Beloved, this is my sister, I thought she could join us?

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