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The reality is that so much of what we do, especially when viewed through the stationary lens of a webcam, is mundane.In fact, the sheer ordinariness of our day-to-day routines can be seen as protection, a way to inoculate against privacy invasion by turning the Big Brother eye on yourself.But one of the most popular cameras was a simple park bench in Poland.Streams like that satisfy the people-watching instinct we humans have, and encourage social interaction between viewers.A half-dozen puppies pounce, leap and roll, chasing each other around an indoor playroom.

“It was kind of a cute little thing, getting everyone together in front of the camera so they could see us,” Greenwood says. Viewers get wrapped up in the nuances of each patron’s behavior.

His curiosity and openness can make him seem like a gold prospector in the Wild West of the open Internet: sifting through search engines and laying out whatever is publicly available for all to see, not concerning himself much with what happens on the feeds, so long as they are available to watch.

The name itself, a portmanteau of “open” and “cornucopia,” implies the abundance of this kind of benign surveillance.

When it launched in 2005, the site’s novelty appeal, coupled with then-current hype about streaming technology and related security concerns, brought heavy traffic to Opentopia, with hundreds of thousands of hits in its first few days.

After the initial burst of interest, traffic has settled down to around 5,000 visits to the site per day.

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“Anybody with a heart can watch that and feel good about it,” Funch says.

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