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"Nah," he types back, "I think I'm giving up online dating." Two weeks in, my High There profile has 669 chat requests, rendering it basically unusable.I take it as a sign and build a whole new profile with the bio "Hallo!"I was trying to find chicks on it," he says, "but there's just a lot of dudes who want to smoke blunts and play Mario Kart." When I ask Nikhil if he'll delete High There, he shrugs: "I have enough room on my phone." A few days later he hits me up on gchat; he's going on a High There date but he'll only tell me about it anonymously.I check in a week later and ask if he ended up going.Everyone wants to find the time in life to date, but not all know where to start, or if they could even find someone with compatibility.At you can discover like minded individuals like you who don’t necessarily love their fair share of ganja, but certainly do love to create.Scrolling past my failed chat with Connor, I see a request from someone I actually know IRL, a 28-year-old coworker named Nikhil.The next day he tells me he doesn't identify as a stoner either—at least not anymore—and that he downloaded the app as a joke and "can't really see it past that." After a week or two he dismissed it as inferior to Hinge and Tinder.

After setting up an account I begin non-discriminately swiping right—which, as with Tinder, means you want to chat.Looking for new friends" (well under the cheeky 420 character limit).I only browse female profiles and swipe right on almost everyone. I realize that thinking of High There as an addition to the over-saturated hook-up app market might be misguided.He tells me he's actually met up with a couple people from High There, "and had a few interesting cyphers with strangers." I confess I'm writing a piece about the app and Connor offers to let me interview him."If you want to come over this weekend, get stoned, watch a few stupid movies I'd be willing to be a 'frequent' user of the app," he writes.

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