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The above covers the known lines of those researching so far and linking back to William of Prior Scale.

There are more descendants whose details are not given in full.

In contrast, William of Bankhouse did have children: I can find no marriage for him and Margaret.

I have assumed his wife’s name was Margaret for reasons, see below.

If this is so, the other two sons are:- moved to High Prior Scale farm in the Calder Valley, parish of Beckermet St. William died in January 1684/5 at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. The bondsmen were Clement’s widow, Mary, Thomas Moscrop of Gosforth and William Moscropp of St. Clement had only one surviving son, John, so it is more than likely that Thomas and William were two of his brothers.

Therefore it is probable that much more is yet to be found regarding these families.

From my own research I believe the above to be the more likely scenario for reasons below.

There are other mistakes in this chart which was very well compiled but before the benefits of IGI and other records being available) I believe that the children of Richard and Thomas probably married each other, i.e. So there were two sets of cousins married, both William and Margaret, one of Rackes and one of Bankhouse, Gosforth.

In December 1619, William of Rackes died and his administrator was his widow Margaret.

In December 1622, Margaret, widow of Ponsonby died (presumed widow of William of Rackes). It therefore appears that William of Rackes and his wife Margaret had no children, which the above mentioned chart showed them as having and this is why I think the parentage should be reversed.

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The initial research came to me through George Kendall Gillberry who had collected papers passed down through Ruth Geldart (a founder member of Cumbria F. S.), Arthur Brewin (grandson of Clement and Martha Mossop (neé Coulthard ) of Rottington, Dr. This input would not have been possible without the contributions of Marshall & Jean Mossop, George Kendall Gillberry, the late Grant Dixon, Maggie Blyth and all the other persons who have added their own family line.

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