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In Russia, two-digit numbers refer to zolotniks, which convert to thousandths, e.g., 56 = 583 (14k), 84 = 875 silver (or 21k gold), .Between 18, the national mark was the left profile of a womans head wearing a diadem (kokoshnik).Symbols in the form of animals and heads of animals and people, insects, and birds have been used to indicate fineness, place of manufacture, imports and exports. The most easily recognized and commonly seen French mark is the eagles head, in use since 1838, indicating 18 karat gold. The mark can be found on jewelry in any number of places.

The most accurate definition of a hallmark is the mark or marks stamped, impressed, or struck on gold, silver, or platinum which indicate fineness or karat (also called quality or purity marks). The most commonly found marks will be discussed here.

From 1908 to 1917, a right-facing profile was used.

After the Russian Revolution, the mark was a right-facing workers profile with a hammer, and the fineness in thousandths.

Identifying and authenticating antique and period jewelry is based on experience and knowledge.

It is often a process of comparing known with unknown and making an educated guess.

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On French silver jewelry, the most often-seen mark is the boars head, the mark of the Paris Assay Office, indicating a fineness of 800 or higher on small articles (such as jewelry). Outside of Paris, the crab mark was used from 1838 to 1961, and since 1962, has also been used by the Paris Assay Office.

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