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However, William Stokoe (1960) began a systematic investigation of these signs based on linguistic principles and discovered, on the basis of the linguistic description of spoken languages, that these signs...Recent studies of discourse analysis by Thibeault (1993) and Martinez (1993) on a sign conversation between two deaf Filipinos reported some interesting findings.In what is perhaps the most well known quote in the field of sign language studies, George Veditz (1913) stated that "as long as we have deaf people we will have sign language." The fact that deaf people have a strong inclination for developing and acquiring sign language can be traced through history and is common throughout the world....Language and power are essential ingredients of the politics of everyday life.If they are caught, David faces seven years in jail and having his daughter taken away from him permanently.

Now, just weeks after the birth of baby Janina, Cynthia's estranged husband - who is considered the child's legal father in the Philippines - is determined to see the pair imprisoned if they do not pay him £7,000 compensation."But he never told me what he did with the money and it was clear our marriage was not going to work."We talked about annulling our marriage and he even sent me an email saying he wanted the annulment to get done as soon as possible."The couple's first face-to-face meeting took place last February at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International airport, as she flew in from the Middle East and David flew in from London."I have done nothing wrong and yet I have found myself in this horrendous situation.I am begging the British Government to help."David's ordeal began when Cynthia became pregnant with his child before she had officially separated.

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