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Monogamous couples who know their status may want to forgo the use of condoms for whatever reason ( order to get pregnant, or because condoms are just not preferred and they are monogamous and use birth control).Acyclovir is cheaper, but requires you to take more capsules at a time.With Valtrex, you only need to take one pill a day for the purpose of suppressive therapy.

Using Valtrex daily also reduces the time and likelihood of the virus to “shed”, i.e. Studies show that it can reduce the viral shedding periods so much that transmission rates drop by 50%. Other common antivirals for herpes are acyclovir (also spelled aciclovir) and Zovirax.The proposals to restrict diagnosis of the neurological disorder to the most severe cases are being discussed to ease pressure on services and long waiting times in five areas.Notes from a board meeting of the mental health trust for patients in Kingston, Merton, Richmond Wandsworth and Sutton state current levels of demand for autism assessments are almost double the current capacity of 750 a year.When a person is not experiencing an outbreak, there is a 4-10% chance of transmitting it.(Depending mostly on genders.) Because of the nature of male and female genitalia, it is easier for herpes to be transmitted to a woman by a man than vice-versa.

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If you both have HSV-2, for example, you both already have the antibodies built up and cannot be re-infected. If you have HSV-2, you can still get, but might not be as likely to get, genital HSV-1.

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