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Although I cannot list most of them by name, I am indebted to the many staff, patients, residents, and słuchacze for allowing me into their worlds over a long span of time.

I am grateful for the unfailing warmth, hospitality, humor, and openness with which I was welcomed into institutions and homes.

Emilia Staniek was a confidante and friend in a time during which I did not expect to find one.

In Poznań, Wojciech Olejniczak and Agnieszka Juraszczyk were a source of creative ideas, provocative conversations, and fantastic meals.

Without the friendship and generosity of Jerzy Rozenblit and Alicja Kusiak-Brownstein, I would not have met the wonderful people whom I spent time during my fieldwork.

Each shared with me a lifetime of friendships and connections in Wrocław and Poznań, introducing me to people who were absolutely instrumental to the work that I was able to accomplish.

From the beginning, conversations with Elizabeth Dunn helped me to find my place as an anthropologist in Poland and provided invaluable academic connections in Poland.

Jan Lorenz has been both a tour guide and anthropological interlocutor since the beginning.

The time I have spent with all these friends has enriched my fieldwork by deepening my attachment to the places where I worked and teaching me what I did not know I needed to ask.

I am grateful for the financial support that has made this dissertation possible.

Rackham School of Graduate Studies), the Elderhostel K.

Patricia Cross Doctoral Research Grant, and a Community of Scholars Fellowship from the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan.

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