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“He is a predatory monster, and when you see all these young women in positions of vulnerability with him, it makes you fear what happened to them.” So far about 20 women have come forward to cross themselves off the list, but most of them are too shaken or frightened to talk publicly about their encounters with the killer.PEOPLE spoke exclusively with two of the women, who shed light on the methods and madness of Alcala-a con man so slick and persuasive he was once even a winning contestant on .But on the night of one of their dates, more than 30 years ago, he didn’t show.Later that weekend Libby’s mother asked her for Rodney’s last name.Alcala, who claimed he had a genius-level IQ, earned a fine-arts degree from UCLA and studied film under Roman Polanski before his first brush with the law.In 1968 a motorist in Los Angeles saw him lure an 8-year-old schoolgirl into his Hollywood apartment.“He looked really young, and he told me he was 24,” recalls Libby, a pet groomer in El Monte, Calif., who appears in three of the photos. He had a way of talking to people that really put them at ease.” Alcala, now 66, has been in prison since his 1979 arrest for Samsoe’s murder.He was found guilty of murder twice before, in 1980 and in 1986, but both times the verdicts were later overturned because of technicalities.

But despite his crimes, Alcala was able to talk his way into a job as a typesetter for the .

“He said he was a professional, so in my mind I was being a model for him,” says Liane Leedom, 48, a Connecticut psychiatrist who was 17 when she let Alcala take pictures of her in her parents’ living room in 1979.

Alcala showed her his portfolio, which in addition to shots of women included “spread after spread of [naked] teenage boys.

Investigators were unable to identify the women in the pre-Internet days and feared the photos would only further slow down the case.

The man they finally convicted for good was born in San Antonio and raised by his Mexican-born mother (his father abandoned the family).

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