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The third great achievement of Irish art was the production of a series of ever more magnificent illuminated manuscripts, consisting of intricately illustrated Biblical art with lavishly decorated panels (occasionally whole "carpet" pages) of Celtic-style animal or ribbon interlace, spirals, knotwork, human faces, animals, and the like, all executed with the utmost precision and sometimes embellished with precious metals like gold and silver leaf.See, for instance, Christ's Monogram Page in the Book of Kells.During the succeeding period of Bronze Age art in Ireland (c.3000-1200 BCE), there is evidence of artifacts from the Beaker culture (named after the shape of its pottery drinking vessels), along with a series of wedge tombs.In addition, Irish craftsmen developed a flourishing metal industry, fashioning a variety of gold, bronze and copper objects.However, little is known about the precise function of these prehistoric structures or the identity of their builders, except that their construction suggests a relatively integrated and cohesive social environment.A second contemporary type of Neolithic necropolis - the long barrow - is also found in Stone Age Ireland, but its design is more primitive and required far less organization.Famous Irish Biblical manuscripts (illustrated with Celtic interlace, knotwork and spiral designs) include the Cathach of St.

Comfortable house in idyllic setting on scenic Island (enter by bridge) facing historic Carrigafoyle Castle. We would come back to your B & B again and tell others. Jeff & Theresa Pitts, Wells, MN, USA 14th May 2013: Thank you for your hospitality. These biblical treasures gave rise to a gradual but significant renaissance in Irish art (sometimes called Hiberno-Saxon style or Insular art), which spread via the monastic network to Iona, Scotland, Northern England and the Continent.By the 12th century, there was hardly a Royal court in Western Europe that did not have an Irish adviser on cultural affairs.All our bedrooms have private bathroom facilities and showers. Reduced Green Fees available at Ballybunion Golf Course.

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Meanwhile, Irish monasteries continued to play an active part in the cultural life of the country into the late 12th century and beyond.

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